NEWSFLASH! The beginning Part 1

Luxury… delicious… sustainable. Just three words to describe our new event and wedding business. But aren’t they just three generic words that are meaningless? Well, yes. But let me explain.

It all kicked off in October 2014.

I had just started a new coffee business which operated as a mobile trike using pedal power to grind the coffee and gas power to heat the boiler. The trike was unique. The technology was the world’s first implemented design of it’s kind and the very first off the production line by a fantastic new award winning company who’s vision was to create a pedal operated, sustainable coffee unit.

As soon as I saw the unit, I saw the potential. I just knew I would have to have one, whatever it took.

Hence, I did my research and arranged my business plan and decided to buy one.

The vision at the time was to establish a retail foothold in my home town of Sutton Coldfield and gradually use my spare time to market the company for events and wedding hire. After securing a contract with London Midland to pitch at Sutton Coldfield Train station for the weekday morning rush period, I gradually started to notice some traction and get regular customers. Feedback was very important to me, so naturally upon hearing comments like ‘beautiful coffee’ and ‘the best cup of coffee I’ve ever had’ was encouraging and gave me the drive to push on.

Additionally to the retail side, I wanted to get a few events and weddings under my belt which would give me valuable marketing material in order to promote the business on websites and social media. Now all I needed was a wedding…

As it happened, a family friend was getting married in May 2015, so I took the opportunity to offer my services as a favour to the bride and groom. They were delighted with the idea that I would cater for them as mine, and their first wedding and decided to take me up on my offer.

The wedding went without any hiccups (phew!) and was a great success. Van-Maria and Len were thrilled with the trike and even now they wax lyrical about how wonderful it was to have something so special and unique for their big day, with some amazing pictures to boot. You can see some of their photos along with the wedding cart on our Weddings Cart Page.